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Hi Wendy,
    It's me here on cloud nine!  What a feeling to finally reach the biggest goal I have ever set for myself.  It was not an easy one to reach but I think that is what makes it so rewarding and gives me this amazing feeling.

   I wanted to thank you for calling to congratulate me yesterday that was very sweet and added to the great night I was already having. Thank you for what you do for us and the love you have for this profession. Not many people realize just how hard it is to get on and to have someone who truly does and is always there to offer her ear and her words of wisdom is the biggest help anyone of us trying to get on could ask for.

   You may not be a firefighter Wendy but you would have been an awesome one because everyday you go to work with the intensions of helping others and seeing others succeed. I think I speak on behalf of all the others on and still trying that have used your service that we would not be where we are right now without your help. You are doing a great thing so I hope you continue to do it.  Thank you for all your support along my journey!  I am now there!   Ryan


Hey Wendy....!!

    Well it's been a while. But I still can't get over how much help your service was in landing me this job. Everything is going very well in Mississauga. The job is everything that you and others said it would be.

    I am always recommending this service to anyone that asks me questions about getting hired.

I have not heard of anyone not pleased with the information, feedback or help that you provide.

I am writing for my third class in September and everything is going well.. Thanks so much again.

    Thanks so much for all you help. I will continue to forward people of interest to your service.  Jason


  I want to thank you for your tremendous effort! I'm sure that you're a very busy woman, yet you always find time for everyone. Amazing! (and no I'm not looking for money...). Thanks Wendy, keep up the great work.   Rob  


Hi Wendy,

   Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your service, I look forward to opening my e-mail each and every day now. Thanks a million. Chris 



   I want to take a second to thank you for everything you do for me and everyone else on the list. I know you hear it a million times but thank you SO much for your all your help and inspiration. It's very rare to come across someone with so much compassion and drive to help others reach their lifelong goals. Sounds to me like you would make a great firefighter yourself....

   I wish you and your family all the best this holiday season and I hope the New Year brings you much success.     From the bottom of my heart, thank you.    Travis 



   Just wanted to say thanks for all the help over the past year, I was one of the recruits in Kitchener, and without the notice given on the e-mail service regarding the recruit drive I would not have known about it as it was only printed in the local Kitchener paper. The information provided by yourself on the website and via e-mail is a definite help to all who are struggling to enter this profession, as was mentioned in Kitchener, (7 hired out of 1000) competition is tough and every little bit of information helps get people one step closer to achieving their dreams. 

  Thanks once again for all your hard work and dedication to the profession,  Steve



     Thanks for all the help and time you put in the service. Speaking for myself it has helped guided me to what courses to take, helped me with testing and most importantly helped me find out who is recruiting. Your support and services means the world to me and every other subscriber.  I hope all the subscribers continue to help and support each other.  Thanks Wendy for all your help, it does not get said enough.  TJ 


Hi Wendy,

   This is the first time I've written to you because I just signed up at the end of the summer. For the time I have been with you I would just like to say thank you for the awesome job you do for all of us. Without this service you offer I may have missed out on the last several big postings along with a bunch of others that subscribe. All the power to you in what ever you decide to do in the future, thanks again.  Rye 


Hi Wendy,

   I can't thank you enough the information was a great help, being a new subscriber to RFM is worth it's weight in Gold.  Being a Firefighter has been a passion for a VERY long time.( like you haven't heard that before ). Being new at the whole recruitment process I've been on a mission for a while trying to network with other Firefighters to get a beat on what to expect during the testing and it's nice to have your services to validate the fact and the fiction. Thanks again and look forward to future information. Regards, Chad  

Hi Wendy

    Well it is official I have been given the formal offer from Hamilton well at least the phone call to start.  Like I said before I want to thank you and all the support that you offer to me and all of the others I know that phone you everyday. Today was the last day at my old job what a weird feeling leaving on my terms and all the stuff I am going to be start a whole part of my life in a week from now it is unbelievable.

   Thanks again for all the support and all the help and I will always be willing to help when need I truly have made a lot of friends in trying to become a firefighter and I would say you are definitely a good friend that I always know had a open ear and a shoulder to lean on when I was down or if there was something i just had to get off my chest or had good new to share.  Thanks Wendy for all the help.  If there is anything just ask.   Chris 


   Thank you for returning my email with good news as well.  I really appreciate Recruit Firefighter because you care about each and every subscriber and take the time to answer everyone’s questions and boy do we have a lot of questions.  This service has been wonderful for me and I can’t thank you enough.   Take care,  Rene  

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